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Welcome to Travel Seeker Abroad. Get inspired & travel to the most luxury destinations in the world with my travel blog. Start Today!

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Hi, I'm Ana

Welcome to Travel Seeker Abroad

I’m a portuguese native seeking to travel the world’s most unique & beautiful destinations in the world.

I live in Algarve and I’ve traveled to over 15 countries! But there is a reason of why I started to travel.


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solo trip
A solo trip can be intimidating, until you make your first. Here is everything you need to know - from tips to my personal experience & destinations. Start your solo trip today!
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Exuma Bahamas

Looking for paradise? Exuma Bahamas is filled with pristine waters, secluded beaches & an exotic animal life waiting to be explored. Find out more!
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15 Facts about The Bahamas You Probably Don’t Know

Curious about visiting the Bahamas? Uncover all facts about the Bahamas you probably don't know - from wildlife to plane wrecks and swimming pigs!
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Best Things to do in the Bahamas

From pristine beaches to idyllic sandbars, swimming with pigs, and must-visit historic attractions, there are amazing things to do in the Bahamas for every traveler.
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Excited about exploring Switzerland? Here's the best 7-day Switzerland Itinerary, including top things to do, tips, hotel suggestions, and more!
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10 Best Things to Do in Santorini

Romantic atmosphere, endless blue water, dazzling sunsets, and hidden beaches. Santorini is some of the world’s most famous destinations for couples, and for a good reason.

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Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel is not just about 5-start hotels; it’s about those experiences you’ll never forget. An iconic view above the sparkling sea, a legendary retreat along the Caribbean, a tailor-made dinner & much more. 

Whether you’re off to the beach, a city escape, a cruise, a wellness experience or even a tour, I’ll deliver exceptionally indulgent experiences, curated for you.

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