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Things To Do In Sardinia

Best Things to do in Sardinia

1. La Maddalena

La Maddalena lies in the north of the island, known as one of the best things to do in Sardinia. Featuring blue turquoise water, impressive cliffs, and pinky sand beaches, La Maddalena is home to my favorite Sardinia beaches.

It’s also one of the best places in Sardinia to do a luxury boat tour. You will be served delicious appetizers, refined Italian Prosecco – a traditional white wine produced in Italy – and homemade pasta cooked on board. The tour takes about 7 hours and is perfect for a one-day activity. If you are lucky, you can even spot dolphins here!

For an upscaled experience, consider doing a Catamaran Tour

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sardinia boat tour
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The water is unreal here!

The archipelago is a set of dreamy islands stretch of blue waters, with sugar-white sand, lush vegetation and imponent cliffs just a couple steps from the water.

2. Gulf di Orosei, Baunei

Gulf di Orosei, nested in the region of Baunei, is one of the most visited areas on the island, boasting more idyllic beaches, incredible cliffs, and a relaxing atmosphere. It is also home to some of Sardinia’s most dazzling beaches, including Cala Luna, Cala Goloritzé, Cala dei Gabbiani – and one of my favorites ever, Cala Mariolu!

From Cala Gonone, take a boat tour to the Gulf di Orosei.

Home to some of Sardinia’s most dazzling beaches

gulf di orosei
things to do in sardinia gulf di orosei
cala mariolu

Once upon arrival, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful set of beaches. These beaches are known for their one-of-a-kind appearance, being at the top of the things to do in Sardinia.

3. Paddle Boarding in crystal clear waters

Check this experience out of your bucket list! If Sardinia is an idyllic destination nested in Europe, then you must paddle boarding in Sardinia’s crystal-clear waters. Ah! This experience will leave you speechless.

For this amazing experience, consider doing a Boat Tour in La Maddalena archipelago.

Ah! This experience will leave you speechless.

4. Hike in Sardinia

Surprisingly, hiking is one of the best things to do in Sardinia! This is due to the dramatic cliffs that make up the scene of the island, offering excellent conditions for adventurous travelers to explore on the heights

Because of this, there are plenty of hiking spots, from Sardinia beaches to rocky trails. Opt for Cala Goloritzé or Cala Luna if you’re looking for a hiking experience with a fantastic view over secluded waters.

Hiking is one of the best things to do in Sardinia

Tip: Hiking in Sardinia is steep and climbing with a local guide may be required. Therefore, make sure you choose a tour that is more appropriate for you.

5. Porto Cervo

Looking out over beautiful Sardinia, Porto Cervo is among the most luxurious places on the island. Locals and international tourists flock to this region, as there’s always something going on. Here, you’ll find many luxury hotels, restaurants, and even beach clubs and marina.

Porto Cervo also holds some of the most well-known Sardinia beaches, including Spiaggia del Grande Pevero and Spiaggia Cala Granu.

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porto cervo sardinia
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Luxury, luxury, luxury!

6. Golfo Aranci

With picturesque views and beach-front restaurants, Golfo Aranci is among the best things to do in Sardinia.

Join the laid-back Sardinia vibe as you eat delicious delicacies with your toes on the sand! You can also stay at luxury resorts, such as Gabbiano Azzuro Hotel & Suites.

There is also an excellent gelateria where you can taste delicious ice cream, named Gelateria Artigianale Mary. The pistachio ice cream – so delicious!

Make sure you visit one of Sardinia’s most visited beaches, Cala Moresca!

Picturesque views and beach-front restaurants

porto cervo 1
things to do in sardinia porto cervo

7. San Teodoro

If you’re looking to go somewhere in Sardinia with impressive blue waters, then make sure you put San Teodoro at the top of your list. The beaches are wide, secluded, and feature impressive shallow waters, making it the perfect place to enjoy Sardinia waters.

It’s considered a unique place to visit, as the impressive water stretches along the coast.

Cala Brandinchi

There is a charming little caffé where you can order a refreshing drink before heading back into the crystal-clear waters, admiring the sea’s underwater beauty. Plus, the beach makes an incredible location to go snorkeling or diving.

One of the top things to do in Sardinia!

Cala Lu Impostu

Just a 5-minute walk from Cala Brandinchi is Cala Lu Importu.

Another beach offering clear & blue waters, in my opinion not as impressive as Cala Brandinchi, but surely deserves a visit!

Spiaggia La Cinta

I must admit, this beach is amazing! The beach features blue-turquoise water and white-sand, leaving you feeling you are in paradise.

Don’t skip these Sardinia beaches!

The perfect place to enjoy Sardinia waters

things to do in sardinia san teodoro 1
The blue water is amazing!

8. Sardinia Dolphin Tour

Not only does Sardinia feature one of Europe’s bluest waters, but the island also offers excellent opportunities for dolphin watching. Great locations for the tour include Golfo Aranci, Olbia, and Figarolo’s Island. But Sardinia’s allure gets even more impressive when we watch dolphins unexpectedly while doing boat tours. I happened to spot dolphins in La Maddalena’s crystal-clear waters – and it was just beautiful!

Make sure you add this tour to your itinerary, as it features one of the best things to do in Sardinia.

9. Cagliari

Home to historic buildings and a bustling atmosphere, Cagliari is also the capital of Sardinia. Take some time to walk between the little streets as you admire the Italian, ancient architecture, and plenty of shops.

I would not recommend spending more than a day in Cagliari. It’s a small city, and it did not surprise me a lot. But surely is a great starting point to explore south Sardinia!

10. Porto Giunco

From Cagliari, explore the beautiful Porto Giunco in Villasimius. This natural wonder boasts pristine white-sandy beaches, making it a must-stop on any Sardinia itinerary.

Spiaggia di Porto Giunco features one of the best views on the island, offering a walking path all the way to a historic little tower. From here, you have a panoramic view over crystal-clear waters! It’s just stunning!

things to do in sardinia porto giunco 1

Features one of the best views on the island

11. Eat Sardinian Fregola

Are you a foodie, excited to taste Sardinia’s traditional food? If so, Sardinian fregola is among the best things to do in Sardinia. Native to the island, fregola is an Italian type of pasta served with a combination of different flavors, for example, seafood or vegetarian. Though Italian, it’s similar to the traditional Couscous in the Middle East.

I particularly liked the seafood fregola!

Ideal for foodies

I loved the Seafood fregola!

12. Palau

Palau is another unmissable thing to do in Sardinia. Here, there are plenty of restaurants, shops and boat tour companies, departing to visit La Maddalena.

Because of this, Palau makes a must-stop location in Sardinia.

The starting point to reach La Maddalena

13. La Pelosa Sardinia

Blue waters, white sand and beachfront sun loungers. Located on the northwest of Sardinia, lies the serene Spiaggia La Pelosa. A beach teeming with shallow, transparent waters, ideal to soak up the sun in the summer. The blue water makes up the scenery, turning this beach into an authentic blue paradise. 

Thanks to a natural barrier on the beach, La Pelosa features incredible calm waters!

14. Drink Italian Prosecco by the sea

What better way to savor Prosecco, a traditional Italian white wine, than by the sea? Do a boat tour in Sardinia, and savor the delicate Italian wine with a view.

15. Phi Beach Sardinia

Phi Beach, a top-notch nightclub in Sardinia, promises to surprise you with an exciting and bustling atmosphere in Sardinia. Have a drink and have fun in an exclusive venue!

Ideal for fun-seeking travelers

16. Neptune’s Caves Sardinia

Nested in the region of Alghero is Neptune’s Caves: a real gem!

The impressive caves make an extraordinary getaway if you are a nature lover, seeking natural wonders in Sardinia. 

Ideal for nature lovers

17. Take a boat tour to Corsica

Lastly, take a boat tour to Corsica. Sardinia and Corsica can be reached at less than an hour, from Santa Teresa di Gallura. Being closely located, these islands hold similar characteristics, sharing blue, shallow waters and dreamy-looking beaches, being excellent destinations to visit. Make sure you check the ferry’s timetables from Sardinia to Corsica.
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From sun-kissed beaches to luxury boat tours, there are an impressive array of things to do in Sardinia. The crystal-clear water is amazing, not to mention the opportunities for diving experiences, including snorkeling, scuba diving or even hiking!

Make sure you book the best Sardinia Tours in advance. And here you have it – the best things to do in Sardinia!

Things to do in Sardinia FAQ

Nested in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is an idyllic Italian island featuring blue-turquoise waters, impressive cliffs, and exciting boat tours.

My favourite places in Sardinia included: La Maddalena, Gulf di Orosei, San Teodoro, Porto Giunco and Spiaggia La Pelosa. Don’t miss the chance to visit these places!

Golfo Aranci is also worth your visit, where you’ll find a peaceful ambiance, delicious ice cream, and popular dolphin tours.

Lastly, I would recommend Porto Cervo. Known for its luxury, is home to excellent luxury hotels, restaurants and the well-known Phi Beach Sardinia nightclub. Make sure you spend some time walking on the marina as well.

If you have limited time, I would advise you to skip the main Sardinia cities, including Olbia, Cagliari, Alghero, or Sassari. Sardinia is beautiful for its impressive beaches that look like paradise. Enjoy them to the fullest!

Things to do in Sardinia include doing boat tours on crystal-clear waters, soak up the sun at Sardinia beaches, eat delicious fregola, and stay at high-end accommodations by the Mediterranean Sea.

Sardinia is known for its picture-perfect beaches and luxury accommodations, making it an extraordinary destination for both luxury-seeking travelers and beach lovers. 

As of all Italy, Sardinia is also known for its delicious Italian Cuisine, featuring amazing pasta, ice cream, and tiramisù. Yummy!

Sardinia became most known for La Maddalena’s crystal-clear waters, and Gulf di Orosei-awarded beaches, including Cala Mariulu.

Sardinia is just stunning! What impressed me the most was the impressive cliffs overshadowing the blue waters of the ocean. It’s unique and surely deserves your visit.

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