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Venice: My First Solo Trip

Solo Trip to Venice Italy

Thinking about doing a solo trip? First of all, it’s great that you have taken the first step.

A solo trip is as liberating as enriching. It’s an experience where you learn about yourself, immerse yourself in another culture, and step out of your comfort zone. Little experiences make you feel as empowered as traveling alone does.

Will it be secure? Will I feel alone? Will I regret it? These were the first questions that pop into my mind. But all of these feelings vanished once I step foot in Venice.

Having these kind of insecurities are normal and are part of the process. Humans feel insecure when they are not in control of the situation.

The beauty of a solo trip is that you don’t depend on anyone else. There is only one person calling the shots, and that’s you. Want to stroll around the streets without a proper destination? Do it. Prefer to be adventurous, and try out a new activity, like paragliding or a helicopter tour? Go for it! Decide what to do, according to your interests and preferences.

My first solo trip proved to me I was capable of more than I ever thought I would. Some of the experiences I lived in Italy only made my first solo trip a special one. Keep reading. I’ll tell you everything about it.

My first solo trip proved to me I was capable of more than I ever thought I would.

Solo Trip: My Experience

Day of arrival

It was getting late when I arrived in Venice. I took the bus and headed to the city center. At that time, I was feeling calm. But once I set my sights on Venice canals for the first time, I just thought: ‘Wow. It is getting real. You’re doing a solo trip in Venice!’. Then, the excitement hit me.

Not long after, I was about to feel anxious for the first time. I was using Google Maps, following directions toward the hotel where I was staying, and the app was leading me to a narrow, dark street. ‘Will it be secure? Should I go?’

I looked around. People were walking energizingly, lights were already up. It was time to go. I entered that street and that sense of anxiety left almost instantaneously. Everything was fine. I reached the hotel.

Arrived to Venice… I was about to feel anxious for the first time.

Tip: Solo trips are great, but make sure you come prepared. Look for public transportation, restaurants with good ratings, and supermarkets nearby. Also, use Google Maps to see how long you will take from one place to another.

Day 1

The next day, I woke up at 7 am. I was exhilarated, ready to explore beautiful Venice. Here I go. The first moments were really empowering. I wasn’t depending on anyone else, discovering a new city at my own rhythm, and I felt pretty good about that.

First day… I could not be more excited!

The first stop was the famous Rialto Bridge. That bustling atmosphere really impressed me. Gondolas were making up the scene, tourists were enthusiastically taking pictures, and birds were gracefully singing from the sky. Now, I knew what was like to be in Venice.

Time to head to one of the most popular attractions: Piazza San Marco. One of the busiest places in Venice. People were everywhere, even though it was not high season. One couple asked me to take one picture of them, and I accepted it with great satisfaction. They ended up taking one picture of me too.

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In the meantime, I leisurely wandered through the city: I had no plans, just a strong desire to explore Venice. It was a great way to immerse myself in the Italian culture and enjoy the day without worries.

As I strolled along a street, a charming store named Nino & Friends got my attention. I could tell it was a traditional Italian store, and that led me inside. And there it happened – a delightful surprise awaited me. Suddenly, I was speaking to a very friendly Italian, who offered me to try almost all the store products.  That unexpected encounter was just the beginning, as more delightful surprises awaited me on my journey.

I was so excited that I ended up walking 19 km that day. I wasn’t feeling tired. On the contrary, I felt happy and wanted to enjoy Venice to the fullest! That day, I also visited attractions like Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, Caffè Florian, the famous Libreria Acqua Alta, and Gelatoteca SuSo.

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venice things to do

Day 2

On the second day, I visited the most tourist islands around Venice: Murano and Burano. Two charming islands: one famous for its artistic works of glass, the other where traditional Italian embroidery is made.

That day was marked by memorable experiences. First, I was about to meet another solo traveler. Then, I experienced glass art for the first time in Murano, which was something new to me. Then, I received an unexpected private tour in Martina Vidal, something completly unplanned.

It was early in the morning, when I left the hotel leading to the first island. I was sitting in front of a Vaporetto when a friendly woman sat by my side. Not long after, we were talking enthusiastically about Venice. 

The conversation unfolded, and fun fact! Not only had she been to Portugal, but I had also been to Germany! Besides, I also got to know about the best rooftop in Venice: The T Fondaco Rooftop Terrace.

Second day… I was about to meet a solo traveler.

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Day 3

The third arrived, and I was thrilled to see Lago Di Braies. Lago Di Braies is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, with its snow-capped mountains surrounding its blue turquoise water.

Call me crazy, but I had to take 1 train and 3 buses to get there. It was a long journey, but I was proud of myself. From that first night, insecure about a dark street, to that day where I had to embark on an adventurous journey filled with uncertainty, I realized I had already grown. And that thought left me feeling empowered.

That day, tiredness hited me. I could not eat, and a huge headache loomed over me. But as with every problem, there is always an upside: I started a conversation with one of the hotel ladies. You know what? She had already been to Algarve, and she was so kind that she saved me dinner for later.

Third day… Dolomites here I go!

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Tip: Travelling is unpredictable. Be ready to face unexpected weather, talk with strangers, or bear with Wi-fi shortages. Try to have a good attitude to face these challenges!

Day 4

Wait… ‘You walked on a frozen lake?’ Yes, I did! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see a frozen lake. It was late March, the weather was great, and I thought it was not cold enough to see snow. Clearly, I’m too much accustomed to the weather in Algarve.
solo trip on lake di braies 1

Fourth day… walked on a frozen lake!

I felt great exploring a beautiful lake on my own. To be honest, I never felt like I needed someone else to enjoy that experience. Solo trips are special, as you are free to enjoy your own company!

That day, I decided to step out of my comfort zone one last time. This time, by sleeping in a hostel. I didn’t know how I would react to it, nor if I would like it! What I knew, was that I wanted to have one more story to tell.

Tip: It’s good to get out of your comfort zone, but it’s important that you know your limits. Be realistic. Set up challenges you can overcome! And reward yourself when you succeed.

Solo Trip: Best Tips

Here are my tips to make the most out of your solo trip:

Research and plan

Plan everything ahead and with time. Use a small book or your phone notes to register important information, including timetables, locations, travels duration, restaurants, and supermarkets nearby. This will help your solo trip to run without any stress.

Pack light and wisely

Think about what you truly need and avoid bringing things you don’t need. Carry essential items, bring different types of clothes, and don’t forget important documents for your trip.

Stay connected

Share your itinerary with your loved ones. They will be glad to follow your journey, and you will feel supported that a friend or a family member is aware of your adventure.

Be open-minded

Allow yourself to taste new foods, try out new experiences, and immerse yourself in a different culture. When something unexpected occurs, have a good attitude. Being open-minded will allow you to grow as an individual, and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Connect with locals

Engage with locals to learn about their culture and interests. Participate in local activities, join group tours, or ask locals about their traditions. Making connections can enhance your experience and provide valuable insights. Consider using With Locals to connect.

Embrace independence

Enjoy the freedom to make your decisions according to your tastes and preferences. Take some moments to introspect, understand your feelings, and learn about yourself.

Enjoy the journey!

Finally, enjoy the experience of traveling solo. A solo trip can mark you in different ways. Embrace the unexpected, make new connections, and create memories during your solo travel! Everyone should do a solo trip, at least once in their lives.

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Solo Trip FAQ

Excited to embark on a solo trip, but unsure of where to go? Consider destinations like Canada, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece or Indonesia. 

Destinations like these are excellent solo trip destinations, being secure and stunning simultaneously, making it a great choice to travel alone. 

Italy has been my top choice to make solo trips. I traveled to destinations such as Venice, the Dolomites, and Sardinia. People are friendly, the landscapes are impressive, and the food is even better! 

Portugal is also a great choice. Consider visiting the region of the Algarve – you’ll be greeted by a calm ambiance, one-of-a-kind beaches, and delicious food!

Switzerland or Greece are excellent choices as well. 

My best advice is: think about what you see yourself doing abroad. Is it pristine beaches you look for? A city with a bustling atmosphere, instead? Think about what kind of solo trip you imagine for yourself. And go for it!

Planning a solo trip is exciting! Let’s do it together.

First, think about your preferred destination. Understand what kind of experience you are looking for, and make your choice accordingly.

Secondly, search about tours, hotels, means of transportation, visa requirements, and currency. Everything. The more you search, the more comfortable you will be in your next destination. 

Next, start to delineate your itinerary! Use Google Maps. How long will it take from point A to point B? This will help you create your dreamy solo trip realistically. Then, book everything!

And don’t forget: keep in touch with your family and friends. Share your feelings and your accomplishments! Make them a part of your solo trip. It’s going to be great!

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