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15 Facts about The Bahamas

Composed of more than 700 islands, the Bahamas is home to stunning beach landscapes & a whole paradise to uncover. It is also one of the most idyllic destinations around the globe. What you may not know, is that this country holds interesting facts, which may surprise you!

If you’re looking to visit the Bahamas, then make sure you keep reading as I’m about to tell you fifteen facts about the Bahamas.

1. The nicest people I have ever met

I can’t tell you how kind & helpful Bahamian people are! If you visit Exuma in the Bahamas, you’re going to be pleased with how easy it is to receive a smile. And that is not all… If you didn’t rent a car, and you’re walking by yourself, you’re not going to have to wait much longer until a kind local stops the car asking if you need a ride.

That has actually happened to me. ‘Hey do you need a ride?’ – I thought, ‘Should I enter the car of a stranger?’. I looked at my boyfriend, and he looked at me. ‘Why not?’. 

All of a sudden, we accepted our first lift, and from there, a nice conversation unfolded. All in the country is amazing, the people are no exception!

I even offered 10$ for the ride, and the kind Bahamian refused it. Do you know how rare this is to happen nowadays? I was shocked.

All of a sudden, we accepted our first lift […]

2. The Bahamas is home to some of the Richest People in the World

If you have the chance to do a boat tour around Exuma Cays, I advise you to do so. Not only will you see the popular swimming pigs, nurse sharks, iguanas, and more, you will also navigate around houses from some of the richest people in the world!

‘This house costs more than 50 000$ a week’ – the guide explained. It was this huge house covered by exotic palm trees, with jet skies & water toys at the entrance, almost looking like a luxury resort, where rich people could benefit from their privacy & relaxation. Usually, only celebrities looked for that property. On that day, a famous American rapper was staying there.

One thing is certain: the Bahamas is a paradise, and some of the richest people choose this Caribbean country as their luxury destination.

bahamas people

3. There is a scientific reason for the Bahamas’ Blue, Crystal-clear Water

Honestly… You look at photos on the Internet, you think ‘This is Photoshop; It must be! There’s no way the water could be that blue.’ It really is!

The water appears so blue because the Bahamas islands are wide and shallow. As the sun hits the golden sand below the waves, it scatters and reflects on this turquoise color.

The water is also intensively clear – so much that you can see the ocean floor 200 feet below the surface! Unlike elsewhere, sedimentation here is minimal due to the milder ocean currents, less prone to stirring up debris. Additionally, the presence of phytoplankton is notably lower compared to other coastal destinations, further enhancing the pristine clarity of the water.

All things combined, make water in the Bahamas one of the bluest you’ll ever see. So if you visit the Bahamas, pinch yourself. What you’re about to see is out of this world!

The water is also intensively clear – so much that you can see the ocean floor 200 feet below the surface!

bahamas water
No need to pinch yourself... The blue water is real!

4. Bahamas is expensive

The Bahamas is part of the Top 10 Most Expensive Countries in the world, and it’s understandable why. Not only is the Bahamas remote, making it difficult to transport goods; but it is also one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, with millions of visitors every year.

Expensive or not – that can be subjective – I share the opinion that it all depends on our choices. Make sure you spend time checking for the most affordable deals and go for it!

5. It’s hard to understand their English

It might be because English is not my mother language – as I’m Portuguese. But I really had a hard time understanding English in The Bahamas.

6. Wildlife is Unique, waiting to be explored

The Bahamas is not only about idyllic islands and luxury resorts. The Bahamas is also an ideal destination for nature lovers, as you will have the chance to see an array of different animals.

Swimming pigs on Pig Island; nurse sharks at Compass Cay; iguanas at Iguana Cay; stingrays at Stocking Island; turtles at Hoopers Bay Beach. And ohh – almost forgot! Lots of colored fish on Thunderball Grotto. I did the Exuma Cays Boat Tour with Robert’s Island Adventures – and I highly recommend it.

The Bahamas is not only about idyllic islands and luxury resorts. The Bahamas is also an ideal destination for nature lovers […]

bahamas stingrays
bahamas sharks 1
swimming pigs bahamas 1
Exuma Boat Tour is a must on your trip!

7. Sand is Difficult to Get Out of the Body

Another thing I noted was that sand was very difficult to get out of the body. Its whitish tone, almost yellow, seemed like it wanted to stay there forever… Almost as hard as having to leave this paradise!

8. Conch is a Bahamian Dish

Did you know Conch is an important ingredient in Bahamian Food? It is often served in the format of a burger or salad, and is definitely a dish you should try in The Bahamas.

In case you want to bring a conch back home, make sure you have a hold bag. Even though locals let you bring a conch with you, at the airport you won’t be able to go with one unless you check your bag. I tried it, believe me!

bahamas food 1
You didn't know? Conch is a traditional dish in the Bahamas.

9. Water temperature can reach 30 Degrees

Water in the Bahamas rarely dips below 22 Degrees Celsius, making it a dreamy beach destination. However, if you visit the Bahamas in June or July, the water temperature can reach 31 Degrees Celsius, which is amazing!

I visited the Bahamas in April, and let me tell you. The water was really warm. If this is not paradise, then what is?!

10. Cars in The Bahamas are old

In case you consider visiting Exuma, let me warn you. Cars in Exuma are old. It’s kind of funny to be like this, as you are on a remote island – it makes you feel like a true local, on a Bahamian adventure.

Make sure you assess the condition of your car in detail before renting one.

11. Some of the Bahamas Beaches have difficult access

Did you know that some of the most remote beaches in the Bahamas can be hard to reach? While most of the beaches can be accessed by road, some of them offer more challenges to visit. And let me tell you… It’s kind of an exhilarating Bahamian adventure!

The first beach I visited was Tropic of Cancer Beach. Just like many other Bahamas beaches, it was a secluded, exotic beach – surrounded by nothing but lush vegetation. We really wanted to go here, so we followed the map & we parked the car until there was no more road to follow. From here on, we walked on the dusty road, followed by a short walk on the dunes, and there it was: paradise!

Cocoplum Beach was an even greater challenge. With all the holes on the road, it was becoming difficult to drive […]

Cocoplum Beach was an even greater challenge. With all the holes on the road, it was becoming difficult to drive, unless you had a Jeep to drive in. We were halfway when we decided to park the car on the road and walk. We still had to walk for 10 minutes, but once we arrived – oh my!

I actually liked this about Exuma. Makes us feel we are arriving at an untouched paradise, on a remote land!

12. Idyllic beaches with no tourists!

Imagine yourself on a paradisiacal beach. Crystal-clear waters, exotic palm trees, and the sun gently touching your skin. Now imagine yourself with no one around you!

How was this even real?

Paradise by yourself? Luxury doesn't get better than this!

13. Traffic in the Bahamas is not really traffic

Another interesting fact about the Bahamas is that locals have a completely different perspective of what traffic is. 

When we visited Exuma, Regatta was approaching. This was a local event that gathered lots of Bahamians into a festive atmosphere. As opposed to the usual pacific atmosphere of Exuma, Regatta was coming and Bahamians were ready to celebrate.

‘Be careful; traffic will be crazy these days’ – they warned us. We were getting kind of afraid of how bad the traffic was really going to become – ‘If you can, I advise you to avoid the roads’.

Little did we know that traffic was only 3 or 4 cars on the road. We laughed. What would they think about New York?!

14. The Bahamas is composed of more than 700 islands

More than 700 islands make up the scene of this beautiful country – all fringed by spectacular landscapes & endless pristine waters. From the coral reefs in Andros to the friendly swimming pigs in Exuma, or Nassau’s bustling atmosphere, turn the Bahamas into an astounding destination at every corner.

I highly recommend you book a seat by the window!

bahamas islands 3
Simply beautiful!

15. The Bahamas has several Plane Wrecks - some of them underwater!

Have you heard about the famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar who got crushed on the Bahamas? This is one of the many plane wrecks that remain underwater today and is located at Staniel Cay. The Bahamas is home to several plane wrecks. Due to the shallow waters, plane wrecks in the Bahamas are one of the most accessible in the world.

Make sure you visit the famous Staniel Cay plane wreck!

Due to the shallow waters, plane wrecks in the Bahamas are one of the most accessible in the world.

wrecked plane bahamas 1
Simply beautiful!

Nested in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is an idyllic destination home to secluded beaches & blue turquoise water, making it an ideal luxury destination. Whether you seek to relax on the beach, see an array of different animals, or try to adventure yourself into the sinuous roads of the Bahamas, this country will surely surprise you.

After visiting the country, these were the fifteen facts about the Bahamas I could mention. Welcome to the Bahamas!

Facts about the Bahamas FAQ

The Bahamas is nested in the Atlantic Ocean, being part of the Caribbean region. It’s located southeast of the United States and north of Cuba.

Yes. The Bahamas has been an independent country, since 1973, when it gained independence from the United Kingdom.

Visit The Bahamas, and you’ll have plenty of activities to do. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, consider doing a Snorkeling Tour in Thunderball Grotto, Parasailing over Cabbage Beach, exploring the vibrant Coral Reefs on Andros Island, or having fun on the exciting Aquaventure Waterpark. If you’re a passionate animal traveler, I advise you to do a 1-Day tour of Exuma Cays, where you will see swimming pigs, nurse sharks, turtles, and iguanas. Or, in case you just want to relax by the beach, there are many idyllic Bahamas Beaches perfect to just sit back & relax! Make sure you read the best things to do in The Bahamas, for further information about what to do in The Bahamas.
The Bahamas offers a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from luxury resorts at 3000$ a night to budget-friendly options, at around 100$ to 150$. I recommend staying in Nassau, or more remote islands, as Exuma. You can choose from Bahamas resorts, hotels, or all-inclusive options.

The Bahamas is an archipelago composed of more than 700 islands. Among the most popular are the Grand Providence, Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, and Exuma.

The Bahamas is one hour ahead of the United States, or five hours ahead of England.

Hurricane season in the Bahamas typically runs from June to November, which coincides with the warmest waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Make sure you stay informed, if you visit the country during this period.

Bahamas people are friendly, humble and kind! I loved talking with the locals.

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