Exuma Bahamas

Looking for paradise? Exuma Bahamas is filled with pristine waters, secluded beaches & an exotic animal life waiting to be explored. From swimming with pigs to unforgettable tours at Exuma Cays, here’s what you can’t miss in Exuma.

Explore Exuma Bahamas

Exuma is divided into three major areas – Great Exuma, Little Exuma and Exuma Cays. Home to dazzling beaches and impressive blue water, what’s difficult is to choose where to go in such an idyllic destination! Make sure you read all my travel tips to find out.

Home to dazzling beaches and impressive blue water! 

Things to Do in Exuma Bahamas

Do a Full Day Tour of Exuma Cays

Say yes to an unforgettable Exuma Boat Tour. Snorkel at Thunderball Grotto, swim with the friendly Nurse sharks, meet the Bahamian Iguanas, swim with the unique swimming pigs, walk on sandbars somewhere between cays, and explore underwater sculptures or even plane wrecks!

Swim with Popular Exuma Pigs

The story of the swimming pigs is still left to write, but rumours say pigs were left by a group of sailors who planned to cook them, but never returned. Ever since, swimming pigs in Exuma Bahamas have been a touristic attraction, gathering thousands of visitors each year. Don’t miss this experience at The Bahamas!

Grab a Drink at Chat N Chill

A legendary beach bar, reached only by boat. Chat N Chill is nested at Stocking Island, and is considered a must-go place if you plan to visit Exuma. Here, there are only two rules: relaxing and tasting fresh conch salad. What a vibe!

Set foot on pristine Exuma Beaches

Exuma Bahamas offers a wide range of idyllic beaches, you don’t want to miss. Among my Favs are Tropic of Cancer Beach (Little Exuma), Jolly Hall Beach (Great Exuma) and Cocoplum Beach (Great Exuma). All these beaches were absolutely amazing!

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Best Time to Visit Exuma Bahamas

The best time to visit Exuma Bahamas is from December to April when it’s warm and the skies are clear and blue. During this period, you will probably avoid the rainy and hurricane season, offering you more time to do activities in Exuma. However, this is also the peak tourist season, with higher prices.

The hot season in Exuma ranges from June to October, being August the hottest month in Exuma, with an average high of 31ºC (87ºF) and a low of 26ºC (78ºF). But with high temperatures, comes also the hurricane season, which might not be ideal for vacations in the Bahamas.

The best time to visit Exuma Bahamas is from December to April.

Exuma Resorts

Accommodation in Exuma Bahamas ranges from luxury and all-inclusive to idyllic and secluded. Stay at Exuma Resorts if you are looking for a relaxing Exuma vacation, away from stress & hustle.

Sandals Emerald Bay Resort Exuma (Great Exuma)

Best for luxury and privacy

Grand Isle Resort Exuma (Great Exuma)

Best for luxury and privacy

Peace and Plenty Exuma (Stocking Island)

Near Chat N Chill

Hideaways Exuma (Great Exuma)

Best for quality-price relation

Paradise Bay Exuma (Great Exuma)

Near Cocoplum Beach

Kahari Resort Exuma (Stocking Island)

Near Chat N Chill

peace and plenty exuma
Peace & Plenty even has a swing!

Sandals Emerald Bay Resort Exuma and Grand Isle Resort Exuma are both luxury resorts in Exuma, where you can benefit from premium comfort and exquisite amenities over blue-turquoise waters.

Other Exuma resorts include Peace and Plenty Exuma or Kahari Resort Exuma – nested at Stocking Island, these resorts promise an unforgettable stay, with dazzling surroundings near the popular Chat N Chill. I also recommend resorts such as Hideaways Exuma or Paradise Bay Exuma, yet not as luxurious, offer great amenities and all the comfort you need, with private villas near the Bahamian blue-turquoise waters.

Regardless of the Exuma Resort you choose, don’t forget this: Exuma is truly a paradise. Your accommodation will only leverage it!

Exuma Restaurants

Make sure you try the best Exuma restaurants, characterized either by impressive scenery or high-quality Bahamian delicacies. Here’s my top 6 restaurants in Exuma Bahamas:

Blu On The Water Exuma

Best for idyllic views

Chat N Chill Exuma

Best for relaxing ambience and fresh conch

Cocoplum Bistro Exuma

Best for Cocoplum beach

Eddie's Edgewater Grill

Best for seafood and fish

Black Point Exuma

Best for Exuma Cays Tour

Exuma Yacht Club

Best for bustling atmosphere

How to Get to Exuma Bahamas

Are you excited to visit Exuma, but don’t know how to arrive in paradise? There are a few options you should consider if you are planning to come here: flight, ferry or speedboat.

Flights to Exuma Bahamas

Traveling by plane is the fastest and most convenient way to arrive in Exuma. There are plenty of flights available to Exuma, departing from locations such as Miami and Charlotte (American Airlines), Nassau (Bahamasair and Western Air), Lauderdale (Silver Airways), Atlanta (Delta Air Lines), or Toronto (Air Canada).

Nassau to Exuma by Ferry

Another option is to travel by ferry. Bahamas Ferries operates a fast ferry service from Nassau to George Town (Great Exuma). It is usually an overnight ferry and takes about 14 hours one-way.

Nassau to Exuma by Speed Boats

Several tour operators also arrange Speed Boats that take you to several islands and cays in Exuma for a full day trip. These tours offer you memorable experiences, such as swimming with pigs at Big Major Cay, snorkeling at Thunderball Grotto, or swimming with Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay.

How to Get Around Exuma Bahamas

Exuma Car Rental

Visit Exuma Bahamas, and make sure you rent a car. A car is the perfect solution to explore the island, which still takes about 2 hours from one corner to the other. However, bear in mind that cars in Exuma are old and there is not much luxury about it. Avoid Thompson’s Car Rental – they scammed me, having stolen more than 400$ from my credit card.

A car is the perfect solution to explore the island.

Exuma Boat Rental

Having a boat for yourself in Exuma Bahamas? Also sounds like a plan! Exploring Exuma’ blue waters at your own rhythm is definitely worth your money, being such a unique experience! There are a few options, in case you want to explore paradise by boat. I recommend either Exuma Boat Rentals or Minns Water Sports.

Having a boat for yourself in Exuma Bahamas? Also sounds like a plan!

Nested in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is an idyllic destination home to secluded beaches & blue turquoise water, making it an ideal luxury destination. Whether you seek to relax on the beach, see an array of different animals, or try to adventure yourself into the sinuous roads of the Bahamas, this country will surely surprise you.

After visiting the country, these were the fifteen facts about the Bahamas I could mention. Welcome to the Bahamas!

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Exuma Bahamas FAQ

Dreaming about going to Exuma, but unsure of how to arrive? There are many ways you can travel to Exuma.

My best advice would be to travel by air, either from Miami or Nassau with Bahamas Air. Other options include going on a speed boat tour from Nassau to Exuma, ideal if you are looking to swim with the pigs or the nurse sharks.

There are plenty of things to do in Exuma Bahamas.

Opt for exploring Exuma Beaches. Tropic of Cancer Beach, Jolly Hall Beach and Cocoplum Beach were my absolute FAVs!

Do a Full-day Tour of Exuma Cays. This experience is absolutely memorable. You will swim with the friendly nurse sharks, snorkel at Thunderball Grotto, cuddle the swimming pigs, and walk on a sandbar. You will even snorkel around underwater sculptures and see wrecked planes in shallow waters. Don’t miss this! It’s totally worth the investment – trust me on this!

Rent a boat for yourself. Exuma is home to the bluest waters in the world. Enjoy your time here to the fullest by exploring Exuma Cays by yourself. You can also reach Stocking Island, where the popular bar Chat N Chill is located. I highly recommend it!

Have a true Bahamian gastronomical experience. Blu On The Water was my favourite restaurant in Exuma. You will be mesmerized by such impressive views. Make sure you add this restaurant to your Exuma itinerary!

Nested in the Caribbean, Exuma is part of the 700 islands that make up the scene of the Bahamas. Due to its location, Exuma is one of the most idyllic destinations in the Caribbean, with the bluest waters you will ever see! Honestly, feels unreal!

For a luxury stay in Exuma, make sure you stay at beachfront resorts. These resorts offer an exquisite experience, some of them even offer a private beach!

My Favs are Sandals Emerald Bay, Grand Isle Resort, Peace and Plenty, Hideaway, Paradise Bay or, Kahari Resort! Have a wonderful stay in Exuma!

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