things to do in the bahamas

Things To Do In The Bahamas

Best Things to do in the Bahamas

1. Do a Boat Tour (Exuma)

One of the best things to do in the Bahamas is to do a boat tour. It’s the best way to explore secluded cays, swim with friendly pigs, snorkel in blue turquoise waters, or even swim with sharks. Many excursions also offer access to sandbars, where you can walk on sand surrounded by blue, shallow waters, leaving you feeling you are in paradise! 

For paradisiacal views, depart from Exuma. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with white sand, turquoise waters, and plenty of beautiful wildlife. 

Doing a boat tour of Exuma comes as an impressive experience you will never forget – I mean it! The chance to walk on an idyllic sandbar… Ha! What an experience! And to swim with the nurse sharks and swimming pigs? I could not recommend it more!

One of the best things to do in the Bahamas is to do a boat tour.

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2. Snorkel in Andros Barrier Reef (Andros Island)

The Andros Barrier Reef is the third largest barrier reef in the world, making it a spectacular place to visit in the Bahamas. This colorful reef is 190 miles long (306 km), plunging more than 6000 feet (1.83 km) into the Tongue of the Ocean – an oceanic trench nested between Andros Island and New Providence. 

Here, divers can see turtles, stingrays, and get up close and personal with reef sharks!

Here, divers can see turtles, stingrays, and get up close and personal with reef sharks!

3. Swim with Pigs Bahamas (Exuma)

Are you thinking about visiting the Bahamas, without swimming with the pigs? Think again! Swimming with pigs is probably one of the top things to do in the Bahamas. It’s so unbelievable to gaze at the pigs swimming once upon arrival, that it would be a pity if you miss it. 

Are you thinking about visiting the Bahamas, without swimming with the pigs? Think again!

Pig Beach, at Big Major Cay, is known to be the top choice to see the swimming pigs. This island isn’t just randomly named Pig Beach, it is actually the island where a small group of pigs call it home. These pigs are known to be friendly. But in reality, they just want food! 

Rose Island is another option to see the pigs, yet not as popular. This island can be an option if you’re staying in Nassau – only a 25-minute ride as opposed to the combination of flight and boat tour needed to reach Pig Beach at the Exumas.

bahamas pigs
The Swimming Pigs! Give them food and they're gonna adore you!

4. Set foot on a Sandbar (Exuma)

The Bahamas is filled with little cays. Some of them turned into idyllic sandbars in the middle of the ocean. Pipe Creek Cay is absolutely amazing! I visited this sandbar through an Exuma Boat Tour. The feeling of being surrounded by turquoise waters, in the middle of nowhere… Ha! Don’t miss the chance to experience it!

You can also reach other impressive sandbars – Man-O-War Cay Sandbar or Mile Sandbar -, located in the Exumas. In case you want to visit Man-O-War Cay Sandbar, I advise you to do an exciting water bike tour. It’s easy to ride, stable, and a lot of fun. 

You can reach sandbars on a private or group boat tour. Alternatively, rent a boat just for you and explore the Bahamas at your rhythm.

The feeling of being surrounded by turquoise waters, in the middle of nowhere… Ha!

5. Have fun at Aquaventure, Atlantis (Nassau)

Nested at Paradise Island, the Atlantis features top-notch accommodations, a casino, a golf course, and exquisite restaurants. It is also home to the world’s largest water park, Aquaventure, filled with thrilling rides, 11 unique pools, and renowned beaches – perfect for a full-day activity. The resort also displays the world’s largest open-air marine habitat teemed with sharks, fish, rays, and more.

If you are an adventure seeker, Aquaventure is one of the most unforgettable attractions in the Bahamas. Have fun!

aquaventure bahamas 1
Ready for a drust of adrenaline?!

6. Parasail in the Bahamas (Nassau)

Excited to see the Bahamian blue waters from above? Parasailing in Nassau comes as an unforgettable experience in the Bahamas. Get ready to see amazing views!

Get ready to see amazing views!

7. Wander in a Pink Sand Beach (Harbour and Eleuthera Island)

The Bahamas is filled with unique experiences – from feeding the swimming pigs to walking on sandbars. Another top thing to do in the Bahamas is to set foot on a pink sand beach.

With its pink-sand shoreline, Harbour Island beach makes for a truly unique experience in the Bahamas. But this is not the only option to sink your toes into a beach of pink sand. Eleuthera also offers pink-hued sand, including Surfer Beach and Lighthouse Beach.

The pink sand, believe it or not, comes from tiny organisms called Foraminifera. When these microscopic creatures die, in the ocean, the waves carry their pinkish shells onto the shore, turning the sand into a pink-hued tone, leaving you feeling speechless!

Another top thing to do in the Bahamas is to set foot on a pink sand beach.

harbour island bahamas
This pink-hued sand is so unbelievable!

8. Dive in Dean’s Blue Hole (Long Island)

Dare to be brave, bold, adventurous! Plunge into the 663-foot depths of Dean’s Blue Hole, the third deepest blue hole in the world.

If you are a passionate diver, or you’re looking to snorkel on an iconic site, don’t miss the chance to visit Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas. What’s most impressive about this blue hole is its stunning beach setting. A blue hole, surrounded by blue waters, and a natural rock make up the scene forming a natural amphitheater. 

This blue hole is also where the Vertical Blue FreeDiving Competition takes place every year! 

9. Stay at luxurious Harbour Island

Indulge in luxury at Harbour Island! Nested in the north of Eleuthera Island, Harbour Island is filled with luxury resorts and idyllic white-and-pink sandy beaches. It’s also known for having one of the best beaches in the Bahamas, Pink Sand Beach – and fantastic weather. It’s no surprise that Harbour Island is a known place for celebrity spotting, such as George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston.

If you seek high-end resorts, offering exquisite amenities and a view to paradise, chances are you will wind up at Harbour Island!

Harbour Island is a great spot for celebrity spotting!

10. Have a drink at Chat N Chill (Stocking Island)

Keen to relax in a tropical paradise? Unwind at a laid-back beach bar Chat N Chill! 

Chat N Chill is a popular Bahamian spot, only accessible by boat. I loved the relaxing vibes of this club, where everyone was happy and relaxed. It is also a great place if you’re looking to try the famous Conch dish, prepared with fresh conch in front of you.

Honestly, one of my favourite places in the Bahamas! You can even interact with stingrays.

Where everyone is happy and relaxed. With plenty of Friendly Stingrays!

stingrays 1
Take a deep breath.... You're in Chat N Chill!

11. Visit Lucayan National Park (Grand Bahama)

Are you a passionate nature traveler? Or a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ fan? If so, Lucayan National Park is one of the best things to do in the Bahamas – located on Grand Bahama Island.

Are you a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ fan? Then Lucayan National Park is a must-visit!

Here, you can visit water caves, explore nature, or admire Gold Rock Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas, and world famous for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies.

Plus, this beautiful park features one of the largest underwater cave systems in the world!

12. Fall in love with Blue Lagoon Island

Blue Lagoon Island (also known as Salt Cay), offers a plethora of activities to do, making it an excellent family getaway!

Located just three miles from Nassau, this stunning island offers visitors everything one could dream of – pristine waters including a hidden lagoon, friendly dolphins, thousands of lush coconut palm trees, idyllic white-sand beaches, tropical birds, and coral reefs teemed with numerous species of fish. 

Here, you can swim on clear blue waters, rent water sports equipment, snorkel right off the beach, or soak up the sun on white-sand beaches. You can also sign up to swim with the dolphins, or snorkel with sharks and stingrays. 

This is a must-visit attraction if you are in Nassau!

13. Celebrate Junkanoo

Junkanoo is a festival born from the period of African chattel slavery. Unfortunately, slavery was a reality for many decades, fostering injustice and abuses as well as racism for way too long. 

The tradition stems from the history of enslaved African people who were granted holiday celebrations after Christmas and it continued after their emancipation. Today, Junkanoo turned into a colorful, cheerful celebration of life and culture, where everyone – even tourists – is welcomed to participate in.

Today, Junkanoo turned into a colorful, cheerful celebration of life.

Annually on December 26 (Boxing Day), and New Year’s Day, Bahamians celebrate their national festival with bustling parades, music, and costumes!

14. Relax at Cat Island

Cat Island could be another thing to do in the Bahamas. Here, you will find a calm environment, ideal to just sit back and relax. The beaches are as secluded as this island, making it packed with natural beauty.

Plus, this is an excellent place for diving, kitesurfing, and wandering along miles of the shoreline!

15. Eat Delicious Conch (Salad or Burger)

Another thing to do in the Bahamas is to experience Bahamas Food. Bahamian traditional dishes are strongly based on seafood, being conch one of the main ingredients. Opt either for a burger or salad. 

I tried Conch Burger at Chat N Chill. It’s so delicious – a must-try!

Conch dishes are a Must-Try!

bahamas fooddd
Conch Burger it's so delicious!

16. Visit Half Moon Beach (Only Cruise)

Half Moon Beach is a white sandy beach covered by blue turquoise waters. Privately owned by the Carnival Cruise, Half Moon Beach is a small, private island known for stunning beaches, being one of the best idyllic beaches to visit in the Bahamas on a cruise. Plus, luxury accommodations dot the beachfront, making it another ideal place for a luxury stay in the Caribbean. Once ashore, expect to spend a beautiful day on the beach with plenty of activities to do, such as snorkeling, water sports, or relaxing in the sun!

17. Explore CocoCay Bahamas (Only Cruise)

Have a Perfect Day at Cococay! If you seek a destination where you can mix fun with relaxation, this island might be an excellent choice of you. Only accessed by Royal Caribbean Cruise, CocoCay is another idyllic destination, being one of the Berry Islands. You can reach the island  just a 1 hour boat tour from Nassau!

Things to do in the Bahamas Exuma

Looking for a secluded destination in the Bahamas, with idyllic beaches and far from the crowds? Here’s the best things to do in Exuma.

Fall in love with Pipe Creek Cay

If there is paradise on Earth, it will probably look like this sandbar. Surrounded by blue turquoise waters and white sand, in the middle of the ocean, here’s your must-visit sandbar in the Bahamas!

Swim with the real swimming pigs>

Excited to swim with the pigs in the Bahamas? Don’t miss the chance to explore Pig Beach. As you approach the island, you’ll be greeted by hungry pigs. Become their best friends by giving them food!

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Read: Best Things to do in Exuma Bahamas

Things to do in the Bahamas Nassau

Excited about stunning Bahamas beaches, while also having fun in a bustling ambience? Visit Nassau instead.

Explore nearby islands

Nassau is the top destination among the 700 islands of the Bahamas. From here, you can take a boat tour to amazing islands such as Rose Island or Blue Lagoon Island. Furthermore, there are plenty of Bahamas beaches to choose from, including renowned Cabbage Beach or Cable Beach.

Have fun at Atlantis

Are you an adventurous traveler seeking a drust of adrenaline? If so, don’t miss the chance to visit the Bahamas’ most popular water park: Aquaventure.

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Things to do in the Bahamas FAQ

The Bahamas is not only about postcard-perfect beaches, or luxury resorts. The Bahamas is also a fun destination to visit, where you can experience plenty of activities to unleash your adventurous self!  For example, enjoy a full day of adrenaline at Aquaventure Water Park; rent water toys, like jet skis or kayaks, and set off to discover; indulge on an exciting Exuma Cays Tour, with the guarantee to do different activities, from snorkeling in Thunderball Grotto to feeding the swimming pigs, or even contacting with wrecked planes that have been settled on the ocean for years; celebrate Junkanoo with Bahamian people; dive into Andros Barrier Reef – the third largest barrier reef in the world! Lastly, consider doing a Bahamas Cruise. Enjoy it, and have fun!

There are a plethora of cruises undergoing amazing cruise routes in the Bahamas. For example, visit Castaway Cay in the Bahamas with a Disney Cruise, CocoCay with a Royal Caribbean Cruise, or Princess Cays and Half Moon Cay through Carnival Cruise. All cruise lines can be great options. However, make sure you search for the Caribbean routes ahead, before making any decision.

Bahamas Cruises are a popular and attractive option for many travelers. However, be aware that a Bahamas Cruise might not be as unique or secluded as – let’s say – heading to Exuma or Eleuthera. Chances are, you will be visiting idyllic beaches in a crowded environment.

If you are looking to unwind on a pristine beach, with nothing between you and the sea, I strongly advise you to opt for an independent trip to the Bahamas. You already know that Exuma is my forever paradise!

If there is a romantic destination, there is the Bahamas! The Bahamas is filled with blue azure beaches, tropical landscapes, and idyllic sandbars! Furthermore, there are a plethora of luxury resorts offering beachfront views and exquisite comfort that will leave you feeling speechless, not to mention the exciting Bahamas tours providing a sense of discovery and romanticism.

As things to do in the Bahamas with your loved one, consider doing an Exuma Cays Tour.
When I visited the Bahamas with my boyfriend, we were amazed by this tour! For a full day, we walked on a breathtaking sandbar, which felt very romantic; we snorkeled at an amazing grotto, exploring colorful fish by ourselves; we interacted with different animals, one of them being the friendly nurse sharks while holding hands. This experience was absolutely perfect, and you will not regret doing it!

Also, don’t miss the chance to stay at nearby beach resorts. Unwind yourselves in a stunning Bahamas beach, benefitting from all the privacy you deserve.

Another thing to do in the Bahamas would be to stay on less touristy islands, benefitting from untouched views and pristine waters. Exuma, Eleuthera, or Andros Islands are great options.

Whatever your plans are, spend quality time together. With so many idyllic landscapes, it will not take long until the Bahamas becomes the trip of your life!

The Bahamas offer amazing things to do, being a great choice if you are traveling with kids. If you’re heading to Nassau, opt to visit Blue Lagoon Island, which offer fun and exciting activities with dolphins; another great thing to do is to have fun at Aquaventure, the world’s largest waterpark in the world; plus, opt for full-day or half-day tours to visit Exuma Cays, offering opportunities for your kids interacting with new and friendly animals, do snorkeling and other activities; or explore Bahamas white-sand beaches, which offer tranquility to play with your kids; and much more.

The Bahamas really is a friendly destination for traveling for kids. I saw many children playing with their parents on secluded beaches, only them and the sea. This must be one of the best destinations to have a great time with family – I mean it!

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